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The Irresistible Brand Blueprint
By Natasha Hazlett


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Branded! The Premiere Course On Building
Your Personal Brand Online By Natasha Hazlett

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Slapped! Lessons From The Internet
Advertiser’s Graveyard By
Natasha Hazlett

Slapped! is the result of more than 50 hours of research of the pay per click advertising platforms. Natasha set out to determine why so many Internet marketers have become victims of “slaps” on the most popular advertising networks.

Watch Natasha’s value-packed presentation and discover the top 8 mistakes online marketers make that may get them kicked off of PPC platforms or get them sued.

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Website Legal Forms

I don’t typically recommend do-it-yourself legal forms, but if you can’t afford to hire an attorney to draft the necessary legal forms, I recommend  www.mylegalformgenerator.com .  Attorney Mike Young not only went to my law school- his practice is focused on Internet law.  You do not want to go a just rip off otherpeople’s disclosures- because they may not be suited for your particular situation (which depends on the products and services that you’re selling). 


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