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Wake Up And Smell The Hypocrisy

October 8, 2012

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The winds of hypocrisy have been blowing for sometime now
in our niche, did you get caught up in it?

I’ve noticed quite a few “attraction marketing experts”
who have done exceptionally well at building their own brand, and attracting
prospects to them being, well, complete and utter hypocrites.

They implemented the principles of attraction marketing.

They led with value.

They built “You, Inc.” (a/k/a their own brand).

As a result they got a nice following (a/k/a “a list”).

Then they marketed their opportunity to that list, which propelled
them into the stratosphere in their primary company.

Now, the proud leader of a big downline, what do they teach
their downline about how to build a successful business?

They teach them to do what they SAY and not what they actually DID.

That’s ridiculous.

(not to mention extremely hypocritical)

The other option is, they build a fantastic, magnetic brand…
and then essentially tell their “followers”:

“Look, I created nifty website for you” that you can use to build your business
for just a low monthly fee.

Is that website how they became tremendously successful?


But apparently, with these folks…

What’s good for the Goose is NOT good for the Gander.


They want you to buy their stuff (who cares if that’s not how they became successful, right?)

They want you to build their downline (who cares about building a real, sustainable business, right?)

Are you ok with that?

Tell you what, take a look at the leaders of any of these programs… Notice anything eerily similar about virtually all of them?

They have their OWN BRAND and their OWN LIST.

That’s why they’re making the big bucks.

The reason people buy from them is due in large part to their brand as Mr. or Mrs. Guru, not the product or business opportunity that they’re promoting.

So…..the $10 Million question is:

Why, do they do that Natasha?

Here it is, plain and simple:

1. They don’t make as much money as quickly if you do what they did.

Building a brand takes more time, then spamming the product or opportunity to whomever will listen.

They want the sales now, dammit.

Go sell their stuff, go build their downline….quit trying to be a real business owner for Pete’s sake!

2. They don’t think you’re as “clever” or “tenacious” as they are.

I mean, hell, they eat their Wheaties every morning, and drink superhero juice.

They’ve got the magic touch, and you….well….don’t.

They think there’s nooooooo possible way you could be as smart as they are. I mean, they were BORN to be Gurus.


You’re the “fan”, they’re the Guru. Just give them all of your money, and call it a day.

Stop the Insanity, Right Now.

There is no Guru-juice.

You have it within you, right now, to build a MAGNETIC brand.

You can DO what they DID.

You can have the results that they have.

You just need to get the real scoop on how to build a brand, so you can start building a list, growing a “following” and getting paid what you’re worth. (which is a lot!)

I’ve got a 4-part video series that can help you learn how to build your authentic brand even if you’re brand-spankin’ new.

Check it out right now

I’ll see YOU at the Top!

PS  I’d love to hear your thoughts, so comment below and make sure you share this article if you know someone who can benefit from what you’ve just learned : )

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Your Brand Follows You Everywhere

September 25, 2012


Like it or not, your brand follows you EVERYWHERE..    This is especially true if you are building a “personal brand” online (i.e, branding YOURSELF).

Every single post you write on your blog.  Every single comment that you make on Facebook, Twitter, You Tube,  etc., very action that you take as a leader, is introducing people to your brand.

Depending on what you’re saying or doing, that could be good or bad…

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How to Create a Personalized Signature

June 1, 2012


An important part of building “You, Inc” is allowing people to get to know you!  To do that, you should consider putting your personal touch on everything you do online.  One fun way to do that, is to customize your posts with your own personalized signature.

You may have been wondering how everyone gets those nifty customized signatures on the end of their blog post or emails.  If so, you’re in luck!

Check out this video where I walk you step by step through creating your own personalized signature for FREE and how to place it into your blog post.


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A Crazy Shower Experience

May 31, 2012


 In today’s video, I am going to get a bit intimate.  That’s right…

I’m going to share an experience I had in a hotel shower that I will never forget.

This lesson is all about expectations.  In life and in business, many of the emotions we experience are a direct result of the expectations we have about certain events, people, or tasks.

This story is about a little historic hotel in Ely, Nevada named Hotel Nevada, where I had a shower that I won’t soon forget! Check it out!


If you enjoyed this story or think that a friend could benefit from the lesson I shared, please SHARE this video.  Have you had a similar expectation that was exceeded?  If so, I’d love to hear it, so please comment below!

To the Top,

PPS. Here’s another warning sign on the bathroom door!

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Winning Life’s Great Balancing Act

May 28, 2012


Unlike Rich, who showed signs of being an entrepreneur at the tender age of 9, I never knew I had an entrepreneurial bone in my body until I was 26.

Since that time, I’ve learned a lot about what it takes to truly succeed as an Internet entrepreneur.  One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned along the way is about the power of choices.

When I was young, I used to love reading Choose Your Own Adventure books.

In case you didn’t have the good fortune to read these books… as you read the story, you are given choices—for option 1, you turn to page 7 and for option 2, you turn to page 9, then you get to the bottom of that page and you’re given 2 or 3 more choices….

Every story is different because of the numerous choices that you get to make as the reader.

I’ve found that my life over the past nearly 6 years has been quite similar to a Choose Your Own Adventure book, especially since I’ve been pursuing my entrepreneurial ambitions while practicing law full-time.

I know there are many of you out there that are doing the juggling act that I’ve been doing over the years, and some of you have kids on top of a full-time job and your business.  Even if you don’t fall into this category, this lesson is universal, so listen up! ; )

Every single day you are presented with a multitude of choices.  Each choice you make takes you one step closer or one step further away from your entrepreneurial goals.

For example, if you’ve just completed a course on, say, blogging.  You then have a choice:

A.  Implement what you just learned

B.  Buy another course (Hey, you need to be an expert before you get started, right?)

C.  Watch TV/Visit with friends/Re-organize your sock drawer, etc. (“I’ll get back “on track” next week/month/year”)

D. Quit (“hey, this entrepreneur stuff is too hard!”)

Over the years, I’ve seen about 10% choose Option D.  60% of people choose Option C, and another 20% choose Option B.  Amazing only a tiny 10% choose Option A.

Guess who is making 99% of the money?

The people who choose Option A.

Why don’t more people choose Option A?

I really don’t know…. some may be deterred by that pesky monkey on their shoulder that tells them that they aren’t good enough to get started.

(My suggestion— kick that stupid monkey to the curb!)

Others simply lack the discipline necessary.  They fall prey to the “hype” in our industry that says you can make money with no effort.

(That’s all that is, by the way, hype!)

The truth of the matter is that it takes hard work and a lot of self-discipline to succeed as an Internet entrepreneur.

Presumably you started down the entrepreneurial path in order to reach a goal or achieve a dream, right?

So let me ask you a simple question…

Are Your Dreams/Goals Worth It?

If the answer to that question is “Yes!” then continue reading…

Our answer to that question is a resounding “YES!”

Rich and I have foregone many a social outing or trip just to work on our business. It’s why we are getting the results that we are. Regardless of what anyone tells you- when you’re just starting out, you can’t sit on the beach 24/7 and generate over 10,000 leads and become a top affiliate like we have.

It takes discipline and sacrifice.

But it’s sacrifice for the greater good…. every social outing I forego to work on our business means that another group of entrepreneurs is going to be equipped to reach their goals.  The more entrepreneurs that we help reach their goals, the closer we are to reaching our own.

Every TV show I miss, means that we are that much closer to living the dream lifestyle of building our online empire while travelling the world.

(Yes, I did say online empire—we’ve got enormous plans!) ; )

Your entrepreneurial future is truly in your hands and no one else’s.  With each decision you make, do a little “check” and ask yourself:

“Is this going to take me one step closer or one step further away from my goals”?

and then ask yourself

“Am I OK with that result?”

I ran across an amazing video recently that sums up this article perfectly.  Have a look and if you know of someone who could benefit from this article, please share it. 


If this article has resonated with you, we’d love to hear your thoughts and pearls of wisdom!

To the Top,

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Why Your Blog Makes You No Money

May 16, 2012


Okay, awhile back I bought a Bamboo Pen. If you don’t know what I’m talking about it’s a tool that allows you to write or draw on your computer screen while you’re doing videos or webinars.

Pretty cool, but when I got it I was using a PC and had no problems with it. Then we got an iMac and I haven’t found a great way to get it to work without using an additional app, which is a pain.

I just shot this video while I was testing out Bamboo with an app called OmniDazzle…if you know of a better way to do this with an iMac, I’d love to hear it, so leave a comment below.

Click here if you need a step by step guide to help you attract a steady flow of red-hot prospects to your business.

To your success,

Rich Hazlett

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How Much Info Do You Need Before You Can Succeed Online?

May 14, 2012


In this video I share the secret formula that many are searching for when they purchase every new product they see, regardless of whether or not it’s appropriate for where they are in their business.

Click here if you need a blueprint to help you attract red-hot prospects to your business.

To your success,

Rich Hazlett

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A Cure For Information Overload

May 10, 2012


Are you feeling overloaded with information?

If you are, it’s totally natural, especially if you’re brand new to marketing.  Learning how to market online is a skill, just like practicing law, practicing medicine, sales, financial planning, etc.

If you decided that you wanted to become a lawyer, you know that you would have to go to school for 3 years.  Then you would spend years fine-tuning your skills.

If you decided that you wanted to be a financial planner, you would expect that you would need to study (and likely pass several tests).

Yet, for some odd reason, since the Internet is so “informal,” people think that they can learn how to successfully generate targeted leads online in a matter of months. If that’s you, I hate to break it to you….

Attraction marketing is MARKETING.

There are numerous strategies and basic principles that you must learn and implement properly in order to create a substantial income online.

You can get a lot of great information through courses that you purchase online.  But, there’s one thing that every successful marketer has (and not many talk about it) that helps shorten their learning curve and take their business to the next level…

A Coach (or Consultant).

The reason is simple.

As you begin to apply what you learn through your training courses, there are several lessons that those who have experience, have learned.

A coach/consultant can help you discover these problem areas and help you tweak them, before you waste time going down a rabbit trail in the wrong direction.

That’s why I firmly believe that if you are truly serious about building an income online, you must hire a coach/consultant to help you get off on the right foot, or ensure that you are headed in the right direction, even if you’ve been marketing online for years.

This is probably the most important investment you’ll ever make.

So what’s the difference between a Coach and a Consultant? 

This is a common question.  When people ask what I do… I jokingly say that I’m a COACHULTANT.

When it comes to issues of personal development, defining a niche, defining a Unique Selling Proposition- I’m more of a “coach”.

I help my clients “dig deep” to cultivate their unique identity, the root of any perceived road blocks, their true passions.

When it comes to creating and implementing a marketing strategy that incorporates their “authentic self,” their skill-set, and their target market, I take on a “consultant” role as needed, in order to ensure that my clients are not going down a dead-end road with their marketing plan or website.

In addition to a coach/consultant, I often find myself mentoring my clients as well.   I am their cheerleader, and the voice of reason….especially when it comes to keeping them protected from…

Shiny Object Syndrome

That is, the urge to buy every new course that comes out, in the “hopes” that it will be the “magic bullet” that turns their computer automatically into an ATM.

What To Look For In Hiring a Coach/Consultant

You’re in luck! There are a lot of people offering coaching and consulting services in the areas of attraction marketing. The challenge is sifting the truly experienced coaches/consultants from the “posers.”

One of the biggest thing that you should look for is Testimonials.  See what their clients have to say about their experience.

You should also look to see that the coach/consultant has expertise in the areas you are looking for help with.

There are coaches/consultants that focus in a variety of areas in this industry:  mindset, niche, branding, blogging, copywriting, pay-per-click, sales, etc.

When in doubt, ask for referrals!

Now, I know that you’re wondering…..Natasha, are you offering coaching/consulting?

The answer is yes, sort of.

My coaching availability is extremely limited over the summer.  If you would like to learn about my program, click on the link below:

Attraction Marketing Coaching Program

Have you ever hired a coach?  I’d love to get your feedback!  If you think someone could benefit from this information, please share it!

To the Top,

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Commandment #2: Know Thy USP

September 22, 2011


What is a Unique Selling Proposition? 

It’s what makes YOU different from everyone else online!  

It’s the unique value that your visitors receive when they come to your website or blog. It’s the reason why people want to buy from YOU instead of the thousands of other internet marketers out there.


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The 10 Commandments of Building You, Inc.

September 19, 2011


There’s a lot of information out there about building You, Inc. and developing a brand online. But, at the end of the day, I think the basics of You, Inc. can be boiled down to 10 Commandments.  I’ll be posting articles that explore each of these commandments in depth.

  1. Know thy Target Market/Avatar
  2. Know thy USP (Unique Selling Proposition)
  3. Thou shalt establish and promote thy brand
  4. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s (or thy company’s) list
  5. Thou shalt be transparent
  6. Thou shall give value unto others before asking for something in return
  7. Thou shalt not SPAM thy list
  8. Thou shalt not leave money on the table
  9. Honor Thy Customer
  10. Honor Thy Government’s Rules & Regulations

Commandment #1: Know Thy Target Market/Avatar

After coaching and consulting with clients over the past 18 months, I’ve noticed a startling trend.  Most people do not know who their target market is, or worse- they tell me that EVERYONE is their target market.

I think this comes from a scarcity mentality that if the net isn’t cast “wide enough” they’ll miss someone.  Don’t fall into this trap!

It’s much better to big a BIG fish in a small pond when you’re starting out.  Once you dominate a “micro-niche” then you can expand (or go to a bigger pond).

To be honest, there’s just TOO much information out there on the Internet. As a solo entrepreneur you’re going to get lost in the crowd if you don’t define your Target Market early in the game.

Another big mistake that I see many new (and even more advanced) marketers making is what market they are targeting.  If your goal is to sell stuff, then you need to ensure that your target market has, ummm….. money.

No brainer, right?

Apparently not.

You would be amazing at the number of people who are targeting people without money.  Sure, some of those people may be able to work their way up and out of their situation, but do you really want to have to mess with all of that?

Perhaps if you have a lot of time you need to fill. But if you’re looking for quicker results, going to an empty well isn’t going to give you the water you need.

So how do you go about determining your Target Market? Start with your Avatar.

Know Thy Avatar

What is an avatar?

Well, I’m not talking about those blue people…. I’m talking about the personification of your ideal customer.

Who is your ideal customer?  If you’re like many internet marketers, you’re response is:

“I have no idea”

That’s ok.  Here’s how you create your avatar:

You need to make some decisions about who you are trying to “attract” to your website.  Who is the ideal purchaser of your product or service?

– Is it a man or a woman?

– How old are they? (College Student, Baby Boomer, etc.)

– Are they Single or married?

– Children or no children?

– What is their level of education?  (High School, College, Graduate Degree, etc.)

– What does that person do for a living?  Are they employed or retired?

– What are their hobbies and other interests?

– What is their income level.  (If the answer is ZERO and you’re selling something, you may want to re-draw your avatar) : )

– What are their problems?  What do they need help with?

Also you’ll want to begin thinking about how YOU can solve their problems (more on this when I discuss Commandment #2: Know Thy USP.

Once you’ve drawn out your Avatar, put it in a safe place.  You’ll want to refer back to it frequently.  Your blog/website’s design and color; the tone you use in your autoresponder messages; the products you sell; the content you put on your website; the places where you choose to promote your website/blog all depend on you knowing who you are speaking to.  If you don’t know your audience, you’re playing pin-the-tail on the donkey, you aren’t being a strategic marketer.

To succeed in marketing online, you must think strategically about how you are marketing.  So, once you figure out your avatar, do some research on your avatar.  Where do they “hang out’ online?  Are they participating in forums? Do they gravitate towards a particular website or blog?

Once you know where to find them, you know where you need to be focusing your marketing efforts.

When you’re ready…head over to Commandment #2: Know Thy USP.

In the meantime….do you have any other tips to share on defining your avatar? Did you find this article helpful? Let me know by commenting below!

To the Top,

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