A Cure For Information Overload

Are you feeling overloaded with information?

If you are, it’s totally natural, especially if you’re brand new to marketing.  Learning how to market online is a skill, just like practicing law, practicing medicine, sales, financial planning, etc.

If you decided that you wanted to become a lawyer, you know that you would have to go to school for 3 years.  Then you would spend years fine-tuning your skills.

If you decided that you wanted to be a financial planner, you would expect that you would need to study (and likely pass several tests).

Yet, for some odd reason, since the Internet is so “informal,” people think that they can learn how to successfully generate targeted leads online in a matter of months. If that’s you, I hate to break it to you….

Attraction marketing is MARKETING.

There are numerous strategies and basic principles that you must learn and implement properly in order to create a substantial income online.

You can get a lot of great information through courses that you purchase online.  But, there’s one thing that every successful marketer has (and not many talk about it) that helps shorten their learning curve and take their business to the next level…

A Coach (or Consultant).

The reason is simple.

As you begin to apply what you learn through your training courses, there are several lessons that those who have experience, have learned.

A coach/consultant can help you discover these problem areas and help you tweak them, before you waste time going down a rabbit trail in the wrong direction.

That’s why I firmly believe that if you are truly serious about building an income online, you must hire a coach/consultant to help you get off on the right foot, or ensure that you are headed in the right direction, even if you’ve been marketing online for years.

This is probably the most important investment you’ll ever make.

So what’s the difference between a Coach and a Consultant? 

This is a common question.  When people ask what I do… I jokingly say that I’m a COACHULTANT.

When it comes to issues of personal development, defining a niche, defining a Unique Selling Proposition- I’m more of a “coach”.

I help my clients “dig deep” to cultivate their unique identity, the root of any perceived road blocks, their true passions.

When it comes to creating and implementing a marketing strategy that incorporates their “authentic self,” their skill-set, and their target market, I take on a “consultant” role as needed, in order to ensure that my clients are not going down a dead-end road with their marketing plan or website.

In addition to a coach/consultant, I often find myself mentoring my clients as well.   I am their cheerleader, and the voice of reason….especially when it comes to keeping them protected from…

Shiny Object Syndrome

That is, the urge to buy every new course that comes out, in the “hopes” that it will be the “magic bullet” that turns their computer automatically into an ATM.

What To Look For In Hiring a Coach/Consultant

You’re in luck! There are a lot of people offering coaching and consulting services in the areas of attraction marketing. The challenge is sifting the truly experienced coaches/consultants from the “posers.”

One of the biggest thing that you should look for is Testimonials.  See what their clients have to say about their experience.

You should also look to see that the coach/consultant has expertise in the areas you are looking for help with.

There are coaches/consultants that focus in a variety of areas in this industry:  mindset, niche, branding, blogging, copywriting, pay-per-click, sales, etc.

When in doubt, ask for referrals!

Now, I know that you’re wondering…..Natasha, are you offering coaching/consulting?

The answer is yes, sort of.

My coaching availability is extremely limited over the summer.  If you would like to learn about my program, click on the link below:

Attraction Marketing Coaching Program

Have you ever hired a coach?  I’d love to get your feedback!  If you think someone could benefit from this information, please share it!

To the Top,

About Rich and Natasha Hazlett

Natasha Nassar Hazlett is a practicing attorney, international internet marketing consultant and author. Rich Hazlett has more than 15 years of experience in marketing, strategic planning, brand management, advertising production management and sales. He is currently a full-time internet marketer. Thousands of entrepreneurs have been through our course: The Ultimate Attraction Marketing Crash Course. We are also the authors of The Lead Whisperer’s Guide to Attraction Marketing, The Lead Whisperer 2.0 and The Fast Forward Guide To Social Media PPC. Natasha is also the author of Slapped: Lessons from the Internet Marketing Graveyard. We have worked with (and continue to work with) industry leaders like Ann Sieg, Mike Klingler, DiDi Alcheva, Jim (the “Traffic Monster”) Yaghi and others to bring the best information possible to our fellow entrepreneurs. When we’re not helping our fellow entrepreneurs, we enjoy the beautiful Idaho outdoors and on any given weekday or weekend in the winter, you’ll find us on the ski slopes by our house.

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