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How People Will Listen Even If You Feel Like You Haven’t Done Squat

May 9, 2012


In this video I share what you can do to build your business in integrity even if you haven’t gotten a lot of great results in your business yet.

Click here if you need a step by step blueprint to help you attract red-hot prospects to your business.

To your success,

Rich Hazlett

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What Is The Renegade Team?

May 8, 2012


What is The Renegade Team? I tell people that it’s like the missing piece that Natasha and I never had when we were first getting started online in 2007. When we first discovered attraction marketing, nobody that we knew of in our company was really doing anything to build their business online.

Because we were “on our own” it left us in the position of having to learn how to attract prospects to us in our business by ourselves with nobody to get feedback from or bounce ideas off of to make sure we weren’t heading down the wrong path. The Renegade Team

The platform is the solution to those challenges that we faced when we were just getting started because it’s a community that offers step by step training on how to set up your first lead funnel along with powerful training on traffic generation as well as consultative selling…so you can learn how to turn leads into sales.

The Renegade Team was created by online attraction marketing pioneer Ann Sieg, the author of the extremely popular Renegade Network Marketer e-book. Ann is regarded as the “Godmother of Attraction Marketing” and has generated more than $10 million in online sales.

One of the most important and popular aspects of being a member of the team is the “help and be helped” community available through our private Facebook group. The power of this group is that it allows you immediate access to be able get feedback about your marketing efforts from other experienced online marketers.

Who could benefit from joining The Renegade Team?

Our group is a team of highly motivated entrepreneurs who practice cutting edge marketing strategies that will be benefit someone whether they are brand new or experienced veterans who have already generated more than 10,000 leads online like Natasha and me.

Did you just put together your first free offer for your blog or set up a new capture page (or maybe you have no idea what those are…we can help with that too)? Rather than spending a long time driving traffic to something that won’t convert well, wouldn’t you rather get quick feedback from experts who could help cut off a ton of time from your learning curve? That’s the power of The Renegade Team community.

If you’re like Natasha and me you probably have no problem putting in the long hours of work in order to achieve your goals. The challenge is actually knowing what you should be spending your time doing. When we got started online we just had to “wing it” and go down the wrong path several times before things finally started to click for us in our business. You can take the long windy road to success like we did…or you can just join The Renegade Team and shorten your learning curve by taking the superhighway to success.

To your success,

Rich Hazlett

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